“Coal to electricity” sees effect More than 5,000 households receive air source heat pump central heating

PubDate:2017-11-23Author:Jinlun CompanySources:China Heat Pump Industry AllianceViews:631

According to the Legal Evening News and Views News, on the evening of November 17th, “The home is really warm!” Zhang Xiaomei, a resident of Beijing’s Xiangshan Four Wangfuxiang White Flag, is eager to touch the hot new radiator at home. 'It’s really good to change. In the past, the stove was heated at home, and the fire was closed at night. The heat was cold at night. The cinder was not poured, it was unsanitary, and it was not environmentally friendly. It is good to use the clean energy of the government to improve the heating!” The thermometer at home is shown at 21 °C.

Recently, the “coal to electricity” project of Haidian District, Beijing, built by Beijing Urban Construction Second Company, has Zhongguancun Street, Qinghe Street and Qinglongqiao Street in the four townships of Hot Spring Town, Northwest Wang Town, Sijiqing Town and Dongsheng Township. Seven streets, including Xiangshan Street, Xisanqi Street, Malianyi Street and Tiancun Road Street, enjoyed 5,400 households in 23 communities. The total area of renovation is 260 square kilometers, and the total heating area is 1,493,200 square meters.

The “coal-to-electricity” project in Haidian District adopted the air energy central heating method for the first time in the country, and built 40 heating base stations, which were introduced into each other by overhead seamless insulation pipes, water inlet and return water two-way external pipe networks. In the newly installed radiator of the household, the total length of the outer pipe network installation is 503 kilometers, which is connected by more than 40,000 welds, thus forming 40 super steel “giant dragons” in the northwest of Beijing, forming the northwest of Beijing. A special landscape.