Company Profile

Founded in 2001, Guangzhou Jinlun Electric EquipmentCo., Ltd. is a science and technology production enterprise. It is one of the earliest R&D and manufacturing enterprises of air source and water source heat pump hot water units in China. In 2008, it invested 50 million yuan to build a garden. Industrial Park, Industrial Park has a modern and advanced all-weather environmental simulation experiment center, CNC mold development center and injection center to achieve the fastest transformation from drawings to products.

Corporate hard power

The company has more than 200 employees and 16 technicians, including 6 senior titles. At the same time, it has hired 3 senior experts in heat pump and cold storage air conditioning industry in China. The R&D strength is obvious to all. It is in the forefront of cloud energy-saving technology and independent research and development. It has obtained many scientific and technological achievements with domestic advanced level, and has become an off-campus production, research and research base of universities such as South China University of Technology, Guangzhou University and Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical College.

Development history

  • 2017

    In 2017, Jinhao Science and Technology Park was fully completed and won the Guangzhou Enterprise R&D Center.

  • 2016

    Investing in the world's first real snow park in 2016

  • 2015

    2015 inorganic thermal processing molding

  • 2014

    Construction of Jinyu Science and Technology Park started in 2014

  • 2013

    Developed M2M Internet of Things in 2013

  • 2012

    2012 research and development of all-weather artificial snowmaking equipment

  • 2011

    Developed a direct cooling ice machine in 2011

  • 2010

    In May 2010, the company obtained the national industrial product production license and obtained the Huadu Refrigeration Engineering Center.

  • 2009

    In January 2009, high-temperature ice passed the appraisal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and won the national high-tech enterprise in the same year.

  • 2008

    In May 2008, research and development of variable frequency heat pump water heater

  • 2007

    In March 2007, R410A low temperature unit and drying unit were developed.

  • 2006

    In August 2006, the company successfully developed a three-in-one integrated machine for swimming pools.

  • 2005

    In March 2005, the company developed a three-effect triple-supply machine. In the same year, it developed a research and development ice machine.

  • 2004

    In May 2004, the company developed a direct heat type heat pump water heater and a water source heat pump.

  • 2003

    In May 2003, the company developed a special heat pump for swimming pools.

  • 2002

    Development of commercial heat pump water heater in March 2002

  • 2001

    Founded in August 2001 in Tianhe, research and development of domestic heat pump water heater