Brand Story

In 2001, Mr. Hong Qinghui smug business career began. Change in the industry, Dr Hong concentrate on research and development, to air heat pump water heater technology constantly improve their development. 2002, the China Guangdong earth, a new name, Ming Di, the English name proudly rise. Brand was established soon begin production, our products air heat pump water heater market quickly, and get the industry continues to praise. In order to meet market demand and increase the competitiveness of products, Mr. Hong Qinghui day and night of R and D, the company spared no expense to create a professional R  D team, independent research and development of new products, 35 patents independently developed by the national certification, becoming Chinas youngest national expert committee pump members. Also the first to promote the development of one of the founders of the heat pump industry. Therefore, air heat pump water heater mark product is first to win the industry to follow. After 10 years of product implementation, in 2010, under the efforts of Dr Hong et al., A carbon-free lifestyle quietly rising, while the Ming  brand stand out in the industry.

2010 corporate annual output value of over 10 million, due to the urgent development needs, the company invested 160 million to purchase land in Huadu District, Guangzhou City Airport base, self standardized plant. 10 years, the brand under the leadership of general manager Hong Qinghui with a young team, a sound service system, will lead the industry trend of low-carbon appliances. Different cultures, different nationalities, all have the same idea of movement, different countries, different families, different groups, but all share the same carbon-free life needs. Therefore, the domestic market is also a mid-Herald, a steady increase in the company over the next five years in the country to establish ten thousand Ming Di stores.

"Aware of the tiger, undeterred," This is our motto Dr Hong, Ming Di development forever change with the times, the wisdom of his contribution to promoting universal low-carbon business.