Air source heat pump central heating is becoming popular in Shandong

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The heating season has been officially launched this winter. Seven cities in Shandong province are in the city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution transmission channel, and the heating method is changing. The elimination of coal-fired boilers and the use of air-source heat pumps and other clean energy interconnected central heating models are making this winter more and more clean. To this end, Shandong Province plans to strive to achieve full coverage of clean heating in counties (cities) with a population of over 200,000 in 2019, and other counties will achieve full coverage by 2020.

Shouguang City

According to the Qilu Evening News, Qiluyu Point reported on November 24th that "outside 6 degrees, my home is 25 degrees, not burning coal, not burning oil, and cleaning everywhere. I did not expect the district centralized electric heating effect is so good!" Living in Shouguang, Shandong Province Ms. Liu Lijuan of the Sanyuan Community of the city said happily. Residents' coal-fired heating has always been referred to as the source of increased pollution. The Sun Jiaji Street where Ms. Liu is located is building a “clean energy demonstration town”. The home where her family is located uses an electric boiler with a “smelting salt energy storage + air source heat pump” with a heating capacity of 100,000 square meters.

In order to protect the blue water and blue sky, Shandong Province issued a series of important measures such as the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Electric Energy Substitution” and the “Notice on Carrying Out Energy Replacement Actions for Coal-fired Boilers”. State Grid Shandong Electric Power resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to promote the clean coal heating “coal to electricity” in seven transmission passages such as Jinan, Zibo and Dezhou, and invested nearly 2 billion yuan to build the “coal to electricity” supporting power grid. The renovation of the heating area of more than 9 million square meters, benefiting 103,000 urban and rural residents.

Jinan City

According to the report of the public network Jinan on November 23, the reporter learned from Jinan Heating Group Co., Ltd. that the Jinliangyuan community in Licheng District will bid farewell to the problem of heating islands at the end of the year, using clean and environmentally friendly air source heat pump for central heating. In order to ensure the normal use of the community during the contract time, Jinan Thermal Group is currently under intense project construction.

Jinliangyuan district heating area of 18,528.37 square meters, a total of 179 households, because the community is an old residential area, the heating pipe network can not be laid into the community, Jinan Thermal Group to consider according to the actual situation, actively implement air source heat pump project to meet residents The need for warmth. In recent years, in order to guard Jinan's “Quancheng Blue”, Jinan Thermal Group has developed different types of new energy heating according to local conditions, and solved the heating problem of many heating islands by using air source heat pump heating.

At the same time, heating and commissioning began in the Xinglongshan Campus of Jinan City, Shandong University. Unlike the traditional heating and coal-fired boiler commissioning, this campus is heated by new energy projects this year. The reporter saw that the air source heat pump has started working. The entire school is still undergoing hot commissioning. In order to solve the heating problem in the school district this winter, the school cooperated with Jinan Energy Group to heat the school with a new energy technology scheme combining distributed heat pump and gas boiler.

Subsequently, the reporter went to Licheng No. 1 in the southern mountainous area, and the school is currently conducting heating and heating commissioning. This year the school will also use new energy heating. According to the person in charge of the project, after the small boiler was dismantled, Jinan Energy Group replaced the traditional coal-fired boiler system with air source heat pump and other equipment in the Licheng No. 1 Middle School District to achieve clean heating throughout the campus. It is understood that the current new energy projects in the provincial capital mainly use air source heat pumps and other projects to heat.

In addition, in the living area of the original Jinan Iron and Steel Plant, more than a dozen air source heat pumps have been installed in the newly built heat exchange station. They replace the coal boilers that have been used for decades. Such heating coal to electricity, coal to gas, has been completed in dozens of heating boilers in Jinan. According to Pan Shiying, chairman of Jinan Thermal Power Group, the interconnection of various energy sources such as electricity and air energy can be flexibly dispatched between heating pipes, which can also reduce energy consumption and reduce heating costs. The conversion of heating methods is changing the energy consumption structure of Jinan.

According to preliminary calculations, only the current renovation has allowed each Jinan citizen to breathe nearly a pound of smoke in winter. Such changes, with the joint promotion of many ministries and commissions, are accelerating in 26 cities in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas. The coal-fired boilers heated by Shandong Zibo Vocational College were replaced by air-solar heat pump units to achieve air source heat pump and solar energy complementation. According to Zong Wei, manager of the business department of Shandong Chuangwo Technology Co., Ltd., the air solar heat pump can extract the heat from the solar energy by adding the special technology of the solar collector, heating the temperature around the unit, compared with the conventional air source. The heat pump can increase efficiency by 15%.

Jining City

After being listed as a “2+26” channel city in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Jining City is promoting the “Electric Substitute Coal” project to achieve clean winter heating. On November 22nd, Qilu Evening News·Qi Luzhen reporter visited the “provincial heating pilot town”—Jili Town, Jining Economic Development Zone. In the past week of heating season, Caozhuang Village here used central heating like the people in the city. The villagers’ homes are also hot.

Central heating in the village, heat pump, heating and cooling

The rural clean heating in the town of Lili Town was undertaken by Shandong Qibang Boguan Energy Co., Ltd., and both Tushan Village and Caozhuang Village used air source heat pump heating. In the village, the air source heat pump uses air source heat pump distributed central heating. 10 air source heat pump 25P units provide heat to 88 villagers.

“The air source heat pump unit is similar to the heating station in the urban area and can provide heat source for residents. The unit can heat the villagers 24 hours a day for an average of 8 hours per day. The operation time of the extremely cold weather will be extended to 10 hours.” Shandong Qibang Boguan Energy Wang Xinfei, deputy general manager of the company, introduced.

The air source heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling. The residents of Caozhuang Village generally install radiators for heating in winter. "Only the village committee compound uses the fan exhaust pipe, which is similar to the air-conditioner hang-up, which can be used for cooling and heating." Wang Xinfei said that the general residents only use it for heating.

The villagers in Caozhuang Village enjoy the same central heating as the people in the city, and the heating time and price are also consistent with the urban central heating. "The company plans to start the heating season from November 15 and charge 20 yuan/m2 according to the construction area." Wang Xinfei said that this is also a bold attempt.

You can also enjoy subsidies if you don’t spend a lot of money.

In Tujia Village of Cao Village, the air source heat pump is used for household heating. More than 120 households have installed a set of air source heat pump 3P units and insulated storage tanks. Chen Zhiqiang adjusted the control button to 45 °C, the pump was running, and the water in the water tank was heated.

Wang Xinfei calculated an account for Chen Zhiqiang. "The average hourly heating power of the air source heat pump 3P unit is 2.52KW/h, calculated at 0.54 yuan/kWh. According to the calculation of 8 hours a day, the heating season is 4 months, and the heating cost is 1,300 yuan." Wang Xinfei said that this price is almost the same as burning coal.

It is understood that the air-source heat pump household heating, central heating users, outdoor equipment pipe network, and air source heat pump are all invested by the government. For a heating season, the self-funded base is approved for 1,500 yuan per household, and the excess is 50% subsidized by electricity consumption and gas consumption.

The favorable subsidy policy is gradually changing the heating habits of the villagers. "When the temperature dropped for the first two days, the house opened for a while, and the house was very warm and the effect was good." Resident Chen Zhiqiang said that the weather is not cold now, and it is not necessary to open during the day. When the weather is colder, the home will use an air source heat pump to warm up throughout the day.


According to Weihai News Net Weihai Evening News reported on November 20th that there are about 5,000 households with centralized heating in Huanghua Street, Lingang District, Weihai City, with a heating area of 53,000 square meters, and about 5,000 households in Jieshi Town, Wendeng District. The heating area is 56,000 square meters, and all users in these areas use the air source heat pump for clean heating.

Subsequently, the reporter went to Yangting Town, Huancui District, and visited Sun Shengji, a resident of Yinxing Jinyuan Community. At this time, Sun Shengji was cleaning the house at home. After the explanation, the reporter and Sun Shengji jointly measured the room temperature at home, 22 °C. "Our community is special, not the traditional boiler heating. Since last year, the "coal to electricity" project has been used for heating." Sun Shengji said that the temperature of the heating is now higher than the same period last year, he is quite satisfied.

According to the relevant person in charge of Weihai Thermal Power Group, after one year of trial operation, the coal-to-electricity technology has matured a lot. The combustion boiler has been removed to reduce the pollution of coal combustion. At the same time, the air source heat pump can automatically adjust the indoor heat according to the outdoor temperature. The health of the residents is also very good. The reporter learned that at present, Yinxing Jinyuan and Mingliu Community of Yangting Town have implemented coal-to-electricity projects and use air source heat pumps for heating. The current project has covered 45,000 square meters and plans to cover 90,000 square meters in the future.