These 23 air conditioning application tips you should know

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1. Why does the air conditioner emit a "giggle" when it is working normally?

Answer: During the operation of the air conditioner, due to the sudden change of temperature, the plastic parts expand and contract, and thus “giggle” sounds. It is a normal phenomenon.

2. When the air conditioning and cooling in summer are generally set to a temperature, the human body feels more comfortable?

A: Air conditioning and cooling are generally set at 25 degrees to 27 degrees. Make the indoor and outdoor temperature difference as close as possible to 5 degrees, not more than 10 degrees.

3. What is the cause of water leakage inside the machine?

Answer: (1) During cooling, the indoor unit may spray water mist. This is because the air humidity is too high, and it is not the air quality quality problem. It allows the user to observe whether the air is dry or not. If not, the explanation will be made. Air conditioning is normal.

(2) During cooling, some condensation water will be generated at the air outlet blade and the pipeline due to the mixing of hot and cold air, which is a normal phenomenon.

(3) When the air conditioner is used for more than one year in the summer, the water may leak due to dirty filter. After cleaning the filter, observe whether it leaks.

(4) The outlet pipe of the external machine is blocked and bent, resulting in poor drainage. If convenient, the user can handle it by himself.

4, the cooling effect is poor, can not reach the set temperature several solutions?

Answer: (1) Whether the remote control is used normally.

  (2) Whether the filter is cleaned.

  (3) Ask about the use environment and room size.

  (4) Set whether the temperature and wind speed are reasonable.

  (5) When cooling, the room is not well insulated. It is recommended to use high wind and shade with curtains.

  (6) When cooling, use the power saving, sleep, night energy-saving mode, the air conditioner cannot run at full power, and the cancel mode adjusts the temperature difference.

  (7) It is normal for the temperature difference between the set temperature and the remote display temperature to be 2-3 degrees.

5. What are the reasons that may cause the air conditioner to not cool (non-faulty)?

Answer: (1) Whether the power supply is used normally.

  (2) Whether the cooling mode is selected correctly.

  (3) Whether the set temperature during cooling is lower than the indoor temperature by 4 degrees or more.

  (4) Whether the remote control is fully charged.

  (5) Is the filter dirty?

6. What are the reasons for the malfunction of the remote control?

Answer: (1) The battery is not fully charged or the battery polarity is reversed or the battery is not reset after replacement.

  (2) Whether the remote control placement point is out of range, the normal range is 8 meters in front and 6 meters in 30 degrees, with no obstacles in the middle.

  (3) Interference by external factors.

  (4) The button is out of order and does not reset.

7. Why do you have an odor when you turn on the air conditioner?

A: It may be that the filter has not been cleaned for a long time or the air fresh network has not been replaced for a long time. The new purchase will also have an odor, which is usually caused by the material of the air conditioner itself (the odor will disappear after a while.

8. When the air conditioner is cooling, the indoor fan has been kept, is it normal?

Answer: When cooling, no matter whether the outdoor unit is working or not, as long as the machine is turned on and off, the indoor fan will not run continuously, which is a normal phenomenon.

9. What is the reason for the automatic trip of the air conditioner?

A: There may be a voltage problem caused by the user's home voltage or other electrical leakage. It can let the user turn off the air conditioner after turning off all the other appliances in the home to see if it trips. If it does not jump, the air conditioner is normal, it may be other in the home. The electrical appliance has leakage phenomenon; otherwise, it is an air conditioning problem.

10. What is the reason for the automatic shutdown of the air conditioner?

Answer: (1) Whether the user suddenly loses power in the home, allowing the user to turn on the lights or turn on other electrical appliances for observation.

  (2) The power plug is loose and causes poor contact. It allows the user to unplug the power plug and then re-plug it.

  (3) Is the timed shutdown function set? If this function is set, the air conditioner will automatically shut down after the set time is reached, and the user can cancel the setting.

  (4) The remote control battery is low, the transmission signal is wrong, and the battery is replaced.

11. What is the reason for the automatic start of the air conditioner?

Answer: (1) Is the timed power-on function set? If this function is set, it will automatically turn on after the set time is reached, and let the user cancel the setting of this function.

  (2) Sometimes the power transmission signal is disturbed (such as the mobile phone transmitting signal, the aircraft flying from above or other electrical appliances and fluorescent lamp ballasts) caused by the wrong transmission of the power-on signal.

  (3) The remote control malfunctions and causes the automatic power on.

12. What is the reason why the display panel is incomplete or not displayed?

A: The air conditioner indoor unit with VFD display sometimes shows incomplete display or display confusion. At this time, we should advise the user to unplug the power socket and plug it in again after a while. This process can be repeated 2-3 times if the air conditioner It can be restored to normal. We can explain to the user that the power-on recovery operation of the air conditioner is normal. If it is still abnormal after repeated power-on, it should be repaired at the door.

13. Is it normal for the air conditioner outdoor unit not to drip in summer?

Answer: When the air conditioner is working, the machine with low temperature will appear dripping. Therefore, it is normal for the indoor unit to drain when the air conditioner is cooled. Most air conditioners lead the indoor unit's drain pipe to the outside during installation, so many users mistakenly believe that the air conditioner summer cooling is the outdoor unit dripping.

14. After the air conditioner is turned off, the display still has time or temperature display normal?

A: The air conditioner is normal. This phenomenon is designed to have this function. It can display the time or indoor temperature after shutdown. If you want to cancel this display, you can press the “Display” button on the remote control to adjust if there is no “display” on the remote control. The button needs to be unplugged (the display consumes very little power).

15. Why sometimes does the remote control not display temperature?

A: In the automatic and air supply modes, the remote control does not display the temperature. In the automatic operation, the air conditioner automatically selects the cooling, heating or air supply mode according to the indoor temperature. (General cooling: 23 degrees or more; heating: 23 degrees or less; temperature control within 26 degrees.)

16. Why does the air conditioner sometimes sound on the air deflector?

Answer: In order to ensure the accuracy of the position of the air deflector after starting up, set the air deflector to a certain angle on the computer program when starting up, so that the air deflector is completely closed, and then restart the cooling and heating respectively. The predetermined angle of the memory is rotated, so the wind deflector is closed at the time of starting up, and the time is about 6 seconds and a "beep" sound of the gear bite is emitted.

17. What should I do when the remote control appears garbled or the screen freezes?

A: Use a thin pointed object to extend into the small hole of the reset button, press or remove the battery and then put it in, to restore the remote control to the initial state.

18. Why is the air conditioner plugged in but not turned on, and the meter will still turn?

A: In order to enable the compressor to start and protect in a low temperature environment, the compressor is equipped with a heating cable and preheated. The heating belt (power is 27-33W) and the transformer (power 3-7W) start working after plugging in the power supply, so the meter will still rotate when it is not turned on, but the power consumption is small.

19. Why do air conditioners have frequent and frequent shutdowns?

Answer: (1) The temperature difference between the set temperature and the room temperature is too small;

  (2) The cooling area of the room relative to the air conditioner is too small;

  (3) There are wind-proof objects around the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner.

20. Why sometimes the panel buttons on the cabinet cannot be operated?

A: The general situation is due to the abnormal voltage caused by the "dead" phenomenon. At this time, as long as the power is turned off, it can be restarted. Some cabinets have an electronic lock function. It is possible that the user has set the electronic lock function. The electronic lock function is not locked when the rear panel keys are locked. Only the electronic lock function can be cancelled to operate the panel keys.

21. When the air conditioner is running, the indoor unit sometimes emits a "哗-哗" sound of running water or a "squeaky sound. Why?

A: This sound is the normal sound of refrigerant flowing in the pipeline, not a machine failure.

22, no downtime?

Answer: (1) Ask the user whether the set temperature is too low according to the seasonal temperature. It is recommended to set the user to 24-28 degrees;

  (2) Whether the doors and windows are closed, it is necessary to maintain the indoor sealing degree.

  (3) Some air conditioner displays have temperature display, and the indoor temperature displayed on the display screen has an error with the temperature around the air conditioner probe.

  (4) The filter mesh is dirty, resulting in poor circulation, causing poor cooling effect, failing to reach the set temperature without stopping.

23. After the remote control is turned off, why is the air conditioner still running?

Answer: Most air conditioners now have anti-mildew drying function. After the cooling operation is turned off, the outdoor unit is shut down, and the indoor unit continues to run the air blower, which can accelerate the evaporation of the condensed water on the evaporator and achieve the purpose of drying and mildew proof.