September 9th - Double Ninth Festival

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Today, the 9th day of the lunar calendar, the Double Ninth Festival, also weighed nine festivals, the autumn festival, and "stepping on the autumn."

Jiujiu Chongyang, because it has the same meaning as "long time", has long-term and longevity. Since ancient times, the Chinese have had special feelings for the Double Ninth Festival. And today, it has become a very popular festival - the old age.

Going to filial piety is early. Don't wait until you are too late to remember that you have not yet accompanied the old man at home. Today, Chongyang, I wish the elderly in the world happy and healthy.

Heavy weight

Ascend to the autumn, and see the yang. Chongyang, how many?

It is a thin coat on the parents. Even if you work hard in the distance, it is not so difficult to "stay" with your parents. What the old people are expecting may be just a light greeting and call. If you have leisure time, take your parents to travel, or support your parents' hobbies, so that you can slow down your life for the rest of your life, appreciate the scenery of life, and look for spiritual periods. If you are old, you can enjoy it.

It is the rain dew under the eaves. Everyone has an old man and everyone is old. Love and gratitude are the bonds that the family maintains. Under the eaves, the words and deeds are taught, subtle, and the salary is passed down from generation to generation. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of respecting the elderly, respecting the old, and loving the old people. It is inseparable from the efforts of each small family and the prophecy of everyone. "filial piety" is not only "shun", but also the authority of the elders' will, but the love of equal personality.

Chongyang, it is the mind of the human heart, the weight of life.

Excerpt from "The Weight of Chongyang"

"September 9th Reminiscence of Shandong Brothers"

[Tang] Wang Wei

       Being a stranger in a foreign land,

       Every time the festival is full of love.

       Knowing the brothers ascend,

       One person is inserted all over.

    "September 9th Xuanwu Mountain Tourism"

[Tang] Lu Zhaolin

On September 9th, the mountains and rivers were turned back to the wind.

In his hometown, he has discretionary wines and wines.

The Double Ninth Festival has a custom of ascending. On this day, all relatives must climb together to “avoid disasters”. In the golden autumn of September, the sky is high and the air is high. This season, ascending to the future, you can achieve the purpose of being relaxed and healthy.

The Double Ninth Festival, together with the New Year's Eve, the Ching Ming Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, are collectively referred to as the festival of the four traditional Chinese ancestors. On this day, the Cantonese people called "Bai Taigong Mountain" and all family members would return to "Taiwan Mountain."

The Double Ninth Festival is also the Chinese Elderly Festival. People should express their respect for the elderly and advocate the whole society to establish a culture of respecting the elderly, respecting the elderly, loving the elderly and helping the elderly.

People in the Double Ninth Festival like Pei to seek evil. Therefore, it is also known as "the evil spirits." The scent is strong and has the effect of deworming and dehumidification.


Ancient chrysanthemum wine was specially made for the second year of the Double Ninth Festival during the first year of the Double Ninth Festival. On the day of September 9th, the first opening chrysanthemums and a little green leaves were mixed, mixed with the grain prepared for winemaking, and then used together for winemaking until the 9th of the next year.

Chongyang cake

Chongyang cake is also called flower cake, chrysanthemum cake, and five-color cake. The exquisite Chongyang cake should be made into nine layers, like a pagoda. It is also made of two lambs to meet the meaning of Chongyang (sheep). Some also put a small red paper flag on the Chongyang cake and lit the candle light. This is probably the meaning of "lighting up" and "eat cake" instead of "carrying up", replacing the cockroach with a small red paper flag.

Lamb noodles

In the Double Ninth Festival, you should eat lamb noodles. "Yang" and "Yang" homophonic, should be the code of Chongyang. Face to eat white noodles, "white" is the "hundred" word to remove the "one" on the top, there is a hundred minus one for the meaning of ninety-nine, to the "nine nine" code. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the mutton is known as the warming supplement of Bu Yuan Yang Yi Xue. Eat in autumn and winter, up to the double effect of tonic and cold.

Chongyang prompt

Go out and play, keep warm

The Double Ninth Festival has a custom of ascending, but today you must pay attention to keep warm when you go out to play.

Today, stronger cold air will affect the northern region. North of Gansu, Ningxia, most of Shaanxi, most of Inner Mongolia, south-central northeastern China, north China, north of Huanghuai and other places will have 4 to 6 northerly winds, the temperature will drop by 6-10 °C, the central and western Inner Mongolia, south-central Jilin, The cooling in the central and northern parts of Liaoning can reach above 12 °C.

To climb high must pay attention to keep warm, especially for the elderly, pay attention to wind protection, prepare more clothes, and do what you can.

Chongyang season, so health

Beware of autumn dryness

Autumn is relatively dry and requires more attention. Moreover, autumn is particularly prone to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, etc., especially for the elderly with low immunity. In response to autumn dryness, you should eat less onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc., and eat more sour fruits, vegetables and food. This season, drinking porridge can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and help digestion.

Keep away from the wind

Sleep is the highlight of health. Breeze in the autumn night, it is easy to be attacked by the "thief wind". At this time, you must avoid the cold and sleep when you fall asleep. In addition, the autumn climate is dry, the wind is strong, the sweat evaporates quickly, and it is easy for people to have dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, and dry skin. In daily life, pay attention to maintaining the humidity in the room.

Appropriate tonic

Autumn is the season of tonic, and many old people are “posting autumn”. Nowadays, there are many popular science articles on health and health in the society, but some opinions are not suitable for everyone. In particular, the elderly must be supplemented according to their specific circumstances, and must be clear before taking it.

Have a good living

The most important thing in changing the season is to maintain good living habits. It is best not to break the original, established habits and stable living routines.

Older people have more bones and are high-risk people with osteoarthrosis. If the elderly have to go to the heights, they must remind them to avoid long-term exercise and protect the health of the bones and joints.

Cheerful mood

In autumn, the sunshine is decreasing, the temperature is gradually decreasing, and the flowers and trees are dying. In such an environment, it is easy to touch the situation and produce feelings of depression, irritability, desolateness and coveting. Older people are less emotional and will accelerate their physical aging. Children should talk more with their parents and communicate more.

Today, take the time to spend more time with your parents!