Jinlun energy conservation participated in the peninsula real estate technology exchange meeting


At 9:30 a.m. on May 17, Hong Qinghui, chairman of Jinlun group, Zhong Zhixin, assistant chairman of Jinlun group, Ma Shaoshuai, operation manager of Jinlun group, and Bi Zong, agent of Jinlun energy saving Huadu, visited Peninsula real estate of Nanhai holding group to attend the technical exchange meeting of peninsula real estate. The design department, cost department, engineering department, bidding department and operation Department of Bandao real estate jointly attended the meeting.

Zhong Zhixin, assistant to the chairman of Jinlun group, introduced the energy-saving ice storage products of Jinlun in detail, including the national carbon peak strategy, the current situation of China's electricity consumption, the national ice storage policy and the energy-saving ice storage technology of Jinlun. All departments of peninsula real estate are very interested in Jinlun energy-saving heat pump products and ice storage products. They inquired about the details of product landing, including technical stability, equipment operation, equipment installation, electricity saving, initial investment, electricity meter installation, etc. Hong Qinghui, chairman of Jinlun group, gave a detailed and professional reply one by one. Both sides are full of expectations for Jinlun energy-saving products landing in Peninsula real estate commercial complex project.

Peninsula real estate commercial complex is a high-quality project of peninsula real estate. The project is located in Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone, adjacent to Baiyun International Airport and the comprehensive transportation hub of Guangzhou north railway station. It is positioned as a livable ecological market in Baiyun north. In the project, there are more than 100000 square meters of large central green space, the first new concept management center of "Sports" in Guangzhou - Health Management Center (opened), kindergartens and primary and secondary schools (opened). Another 36000 square meters of commercial buildings have been opened, which will become a model of vertical green commercial buildings. In 2017, the peninsula commercial three-dimensional greening project was listed as the "South demonstration project of green building technology cooperation in warm winter and hot summer climate zone" of China and Singapore.