Reasons for affecting the heating rate of air energy water heaters

PubDate:2017-11-13Author:Jinlun CompanySources:Mingdi heat pumpViews:707

Air energy water heaters have recently become a hot topic for discussion. For this new generation of water heaters, people everywhere have generally given positive comments after using them. However, some friends have raised the question: The heating principle of air-energy water heaters is not the same. Why do different brands and even different types of water heaters have obvious differences in heating speed?

Simply put, the difference in heating time of air energy water heaters stems from two aspects. The first is the difference in hardware configuration. The second is the difference in heating technology used by different companies.

Hardware difference

Air-energy water heaters require several components to work together. The core components include evaporators and compressors. The evaporator is provided with a large number of fins, and there are copper tubes inside, and a refrigerant flows in the copper tubes. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the refrigerant is very low, so it can directly obtain heat when it comes into contact with the outside air. Therefore, in the same environment, the larger the evaporator fin area, the better the heat absorption effect.

Say the compressor. The compressor is responsible for handling the heat in the air. It will pressurize and heat up this part of the energy, and finally send the treated energy to the heat exchanger for heat exchange to produce hot water. It can be seen that the quality of the compressor directly determines whether the heating rate of the air energy water heater is fast or slow.

The difference between heating technology

In addition to the differences in the hardware of the air energy water heater itself, different companies have a completely different understanding of the heating process. Taking Newttai as an example, Newttech’s “Jingzhi·Space A” air-energy water heater uses the “cloud thermonuclear” technology developed by Nuenda to transform the inner tank and do layering treatment to make the air The water heater can increase the capacity of hot water by 300%, and the continuous hot water can reach 200L, achieving more water at the same time.

After the above description, I believe that everyone has a systematic understanding of the heating process of air-energy water heaters. Therefore, if there is a high demand for heating rate, then you should pay more attention to the hardware configuration of the air energy water heater and heating technology.