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Charm of ice and snow, Meeting making.


             Prospects of the development of indoor ski slope
        With the rapid development of domestic and international ski industry and the surge in the number of skiers, outdoor ski resorts have been unable to meet the public's demand.In recent years, indoor skiing hall ski lovers outside during the winter season is the most favorite place, many areas also started building indoor skiing hall, such as just caps loose north wanda Harbin indoor ski slope, is said to be the world's largest indoor ski slope.So let us to know about the indoor skiing hall.
       Indoor skiing hall, is artificial in a specific space to keep temperature meet the snow and snow, won't be affected by climate conditions, compared with outdoor 365 days all the year round can meet the needs of people skiing.This is the main characteristics of indoor skiing hall is to determine the biggest advantage of its prospects for development.Indoor skiing hall at the time of site selection, construction generally in the transportation is convenient, close to the major consumer groups.Can let people enjoy the pleasure of skiing at any time, this is a outdoor ski areas do not have.Because in indoor skiing hall, one of the primary level, so skiers get service is meticulous, every link will get attention.Combined with characteristics of types of soft snow, indoor skiing hall is a beginner's paradise.In addition, the museum humidity is bigger, the humidity is not below 80%, has very good skin and beauty effect for skiers.
        Compared with outdoor ski resorts, indoor skiing hall and have some deficiencies and limitations.Harbin artificial snow walter company northrop told everyone indoor skiing hall because it is artificial open ski trails, building up the slope and the length will be restricted.Indoor ski trails may not like outdoor runs thousands of meters, generally only elementary and intermediate, length is in more than 200 meters, 300 meters.Runs like this, for some want to improve the level of intermediate skiers, especially double plate fever, is not very ideal.
         State general administration of sports winter sports management center in the early years ago noticed the southern demand for snow and ice, put forward the "south north snow ice, north south exhibition" strategic development goals.So some southern resort area construction, must choose elevation can affect the location of the offset by south latitude.Typically yunnan shangri-la resort, at an altitude of 3600 meters built good ski resort, XueQi also more long.Southern types water content of the big snow, however, the effects of high altitude is a fatal problem.Most of the people to zhongdian plateau reaction, will affect the physical condition of skiers, can't even for skiing.While both at the right and to build the places where snow can not beg, alpine region is bound to the traffic inconvenience, the development of mass skiing there is great difficulty.So that the construction of indoor skiing hall is very good choice in this case.
        In addition indoor skiing hall construction investment is not bigger than a large outdoor ski resort, but income is far more than the latter.First of all, it is not affected by terrain conditions, climate conditions, it is the four seasons, the transportation is convenient, the service is complete.Secondly in indoor skiing hall is less snow in the south region can be a local special attractions, city name card for promotion, can attract more consumers to experience the fun of skiing.At present China's indoor skiing hall also does not calculate many, the four seasons ski crowd far has not been effective development, so the indoor skiing hall market still has plenty of room for development.



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