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Choosing swimming pool heat pump is the key to improve heater efficiency


Determine the efficiency of the heat pump pool heater

Swimming pool heater energy efficiency is a measure of the heat pump coefficient of performance (COP). Coefficient of performance, the higher the efficiency. However, there is no standard test for the coefficient of performance. Therefore, you can not really compare the pool heat pump coefficient of performance of different models, unless you know the manufacturer of each model using the same test. For example, when the outdoor air temperature is high, the same heat pump will run at a higher coefficient of performance.


Typically, manufacturers test to measure the heat pump pool heaters outdoor temperature 80 째 F and cell temperature 80 째 F. Coefficients typically range from 3.0 to 7.0, it will be a 300% ---700% efficiency. This means that every unit of electricity needed to run the compressor, you will get 3--7 heat pump units.


Estimated costs and savings pool heat pump heater

Outdoor swimming pool, use a resistor or gas reservoir heater, pool pump assess annual heating costs and savings ratio.




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