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Ice maker can be divided into commercial ice maker, domestic ice maker and industrial ice maker.

Ice machines are classified from the shape of ice: granular ice (cylindrical, square, lunar), snowflake, flake ice, plate ice, pipe ice, and newly developed spherical ice.

Granular ice is divided into spray type, flow type and immersion type according to ice making.

Cylindrical ice is generally spray type ice making. This ice making method has a low freezing point and can reach below 20 degrees below zero. The contact between the cylindrical surface is small, and it is difficult to stick into a ball, and it is easy to use ice. Cylindrical ice, high hardness, low temperature, ice crystal clear, suitable for the wine cooling, slower rate of melting will not dilute the wine, and the effects of wine taste, cylindrical ice making machine is ice production efficiency is relatively low, generally used in the production of desktop small ice making machine.

The scale ice temperature is -6 degrees C ~ -12 DEG C, which is suitable for industrial processing and cooling of perishable articles transportation. Is often used in supermarket fresh seafood Taiwan show, large scale ice can also be used for cement plant, chemical plant, meat processing, marine fishery etc..

By adding water valve, water automatically enters a water storage tank, and then through the flow control valve of water diversion through the water pump to the head, where water is sprayed evenly on the surface of the ice maker, ice maker flowed through the wall like a curtain, water is cooled to the freezing point, instead of being frozen water will evaporate through the multi slot flow into the water storage tank, start working cycle.

When the ice reaches the required thickness (the thickness can be chosen by the operator / user), the heat discharged by the compressor is reintroduced into the ice collector wall to replace the cryogenic liquid refrigerant. Thus, a film of water is formed between the ice and the wall of the evaporating tube, which plays the role of lubrication when the ice falls freely into the trough under the action of gravity. The water produced during the ice cycle will return to the storage tank through the porous tank, thus preventing the wet ice from being expelled by the machine.



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