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MDS50D Water source trinity heat pump


    Water (ground) source heat pump system is a kind of energy efficient air conditioning system which can supply heat and refrigeration by utilizing shallow geothermal resources (also called ground water, soil or surface water, etc.). The system by inputting a small amount of energy to achieve low level heat energy transferred to the high places, can be respectively used as a cold source in winter and summer heat pump heating, the unit energy consumption of 1kW, get 4~5kW of the cold / heat energy from the underground energy system, the outside world does not emit any waste gas, waste water and waste residue, is the ideal "green air conditioning", which can be widely used in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, dormitories, restaurants, shopping malls, villas, residential areas.

    However, in order to realize the ground source heat pump cooling and heating, then it needs to provide power to transport the circulating water cooling and heating pipes, the traditional room can provide power, but the construction is more complex, difficult, long cycle, types of purchasing materials, to inventory, Water Leakage hidden big problem and so on, to solve these problems, the market has developed a new type of power transmission and distribution system equipment, energy-saving air conditioning room. The computer room system integrates all the components in the traditional computer room into modules and implements the integrated installation mode. Not only greatly reduce the construction difficulty, and no inventory, Water Leakage hidden is greatly reduced, and can host unlimited linkage and so on, it can be seen that the energy-saving air conditioning room is a HVAC industry to provide a set of solutions. 

    In a word, the combination of energy saving air conditioner room, hydraulic balance distributor, multifunctional water tank and ground source heat pump adds bright spot to the whole HVAC system. Meanwhile, it is much easier to install. Construction time, procurement cycle are greatly shortened, labor costs will be low, and so on. Thus, the combination of energy-saving air-conditioning room and ground source heat pump is the inevitable development trend of HVAC industry in the future.

    Ground source heat pump (GSHP) is a kind of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning system that uses solar energy stored in the soil as a cold and heat source for energy conversion. The ground source heat pump is a kind of clean renewable energy. The surface soil and water is a huge solar collector, collected 47% of the solar radiation energy, is more than 500 times the annual human use (underground water through the soil indirectly receives solar radiation energy); it is also a huge dynamic energy balance system, surface soil and natural water to keep the energy acceptance and divergence relative balance, heat pump technology made in one of near limitless solar energy can become a reality or the use of storage. If the winter and summer. Heat pump systems will have higher stability, energy is sufficient to achieve the theory of renewable.



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