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Household appliances, Air source heat pumps


    With the development of people's economy, people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher. People to bathe more and more is also high, gas water heaters, electric water heater, solar water heater can not meet the needs of people with comfort and energy saving and safety. In Europe and the United States, the proportion of cold and hot water used is 1:9. Cold water is used for drinking, flushing or car washing in Europe and America, while hot water is used in other areas. Europe and the United States home central water heater market share of more than 90%.

    Air heat pump is defined as energy in the air to generate heat, can all day long 24 hours of big flow and high pressure, constant temperature for the whole family to different water needs, water heater and energy consumption at least meet the above requirements. And at home, the production of domestic hot water. At the same time, can be like an air conditioner air release, meet the cooling demand of the kitchen, and can reach the desiccant in the balcony, storage room, garage and other local space to prevent moldy or quick dry clothing items. 

    The air heat pump is based on the principle of "reverse Kano", the principle of reverse Kano circulation. Through the operation of the compressor system, the heat in the air is absorbed to produce hot water. The specific process is: compressor for compressing refrigerants, the compressed refrigerant temperature rising through the condenser, water in the production of hot water, hot and cold media exchange after returning to the compressor for the next cycle, in this process, the air heat is absorbed into the refrigerant through the evaporator, the refrigerant into the water, hot water. A new generation of water heaters heated by compressor air, that is, an air - powered heat pump water heater. That is to say, is the "outdoor machine" as the same pump compressed air, the air temperature, and then through the water storage tank of a -17 C will boil liquid into the interior of the heat conduction, the heat conduction to the water release.

    The air heater doesn't need sunlight, so it can be placed at home or outdoors. Therefore, most of the manufacturers have separate machines and one machine, and after the solar water heater is out of storage, it is difficult to produce hot water immediately. If the electric heating will take a long time, and the air water heater as long as there is air, the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, you can 24 hours all-weather pressure operation. In this way, a box of water will be used, which will produce another box of hot water in an hour or so. At the same time it can fundamentally eliminate the electric water heater leakage, dry burning and gas water heater is used to produce harmful gases and other security risks, overcome the solar water heater can not be used in rainy days and the installation is inconvenient, the advantages of high security, high energy saving, long service life, do not give off poisonous gas. The life of an air heater can range from 10 to 15 years.



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