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Company Address:Jinlun Technology zone Qidong Rd Jingu Industry area Huadong Town Huadu District Guangzhou City China  

Contact: Mr He +86-136508111176

Whatapp: +86-13650811736



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Semlin 62
83-206 Kleszczewo
Tel. +48 58 333 1315
Tel. +48 516 425 266

Add:Sterkrader Str. 49-59 T9
13507 Berlin


Tel: 030 311 70 795 

Tel.: +49 (030) 43605253

Fax.: +49 (0) 32124761977

Car Description:

From Guangzhou subway station and Electric Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou Jin-lun car route:

1. Starting from the G106

1) From the starting point to the northwest along the G106 with 1.4 km, over on the right side about 170 meters Excelsior demand shopping malls, on the straight ramp; 2) travel 230 meters along the ramp toward the inner loop / S41 / G1501 / S81 direction, slightly to the right; 3) continue traveling along the ramp 260 meters, straight into the Airport Expressway; 4) traveling along the airport highway 350 meters, towards the direction of Huadu District government, slightly on the ramp, turn left; 5) along the ramp travel 500 meters, straight into the G106

2. G106 to the end

1) Travel 4.2 km along the G106, in Cheongdam Bridge and turn right into the Y729; 2) travel 1.0 km along Y729, over the left side of Fengyuan department store, turn left; 3) with 20 meters to reach the end

Bus Description:

From Guangzhou and subway station (bus and Market Station) to Guangzhou Jin-lun Electric Co. Bus routes:

And the subway station B mouth

1) Walk to Market Station and about 70 meters; 2) one-way ride to spend (or 711 Road), in the unity of the village stop; 3) walk straight to unite village about 1 kilometer, that is to reach the end



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