Talking about the characteristics and competition of swimming pool heat pump


Today, with the rapid development of the economy, the swimming pool heat pumps of major brands are the most competitive places in major first-tier cities. However, with the increasing popularity of swimming pool heat pumps, they have now spread to the second-tier cities in the country. However, when they are big When the brand's swimming pool heat pump entered the second-tier cities, it found that the competition in the second-tier cities was also very intense, but the competition in the second-tier cities was more competitive with some of the no-name manufacturers.

The pool heat pump has the following features:

(1) High efficiency and energy saving: The heat pump is not a heat energy conversion device, but a heat transfer device, which uses the principle of the inverse Carnot cycle to transfer heat from a low temperature to a high temperature, so the heat pump is transferred from a low temperature to a high temperature. Can produce several times the energy;

(2) Super energy-saving products: 10 parts of heat can be utilized for every 1 part of electric energy consumed -;

(3) High power: The output power of single machine can meet all kinds of high-power heating or cooling occasions, and the floor space is small;

(4) Long service life: the normal life of the host is as high as 15-20 years;

(5) High safety performance: water and electricity isolation, no open flame, no leakage, ensuring personal safety, so it is the safest product;

(6) Green and environmental protection: It adopts heat pump technology, which can save 65%~80% of operating expenses compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as: oil-fired boiler, gas boiler, electric boiler, etc.) and has no pollution to the environment.

The second-line market has long been occupied by small and medium-sized swimming pool heat pump companies, and the swimming pool heat pump market is in chaotic operation. There are no industry standards and quality measurement standards. The quality service of swimming pool heat pump products is difficult to give consumers confidence, leading to chaotic market competition. The brand pool heat pump technology is excellent, reliable quality, good service, consumers do not have to worry about products, services and other issues. In the second-tier market, the pool heat pump competition is complicated, and the regional pool heat pump companies are in charge. Because of the chaos, brand enterprises are even more promising, the implementation of national energy efficiency standards has boosted the rise of brand pool heat pumps in second-tier cities.

However, an important reason hindering the development of brand swimming pool heat pumps in second-tier cities is the high price. The quality of the miscellaneous swimming pool heat pumps is lower due to the lower quality requirements in the materials and accessories used, the lower the technical water products, and the after-sales service. Lower, so the corresponding price is lower, but the brand pool heat pump has the highest requirements for using the product accessories, invests a lot of money in technology research and development, and the after-sales service is in place, so the product is higher than the price of the pool heat pump, but with The strong involvement of national energy conservation subsidies, I believe that brand pool heat pumps will develop rapidly in second-tier cities.

With the development of the economy, people's living water and cognition continue to improve, more and more people began to choose the brand of pool heat pump, which also provides a good opportunity for the development of brand pool heat pump.