Jinlun Group visited China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd.

PubDate:2021-08-12Author:Jinlun GroupSources:Views:1959

On August 12, 2021, Zhong Zhixin, Assistant Chairman of the Group, and Ma Shaoshuai, Group Operations Manager, visited China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Development and Operation Manager Mr. Yang, and project development manager Mr. Song cordially received the management of Jinlun and his party.

Zhong Zhixin, assistant to the chairman of Jinlun Group, introduced Jinlun Group's ice storage technology and existing engineering cases and explained the application scenarios of Jinlun Group's ice storage products and the broad development space in the future to Mr. Song.

Mr. Song said that CSG Energy welcomes Jinlun Group to join the CSG Energy Partnership System to jointly develop the field of contract energy custody. China Southern Power Grid focuses on energy business investment and custody services, combined with the strong manufacturing and service capabilities of Jinlun Group, the cooperation between the two parties can be expected in the future!

Finally, Mr. Yang, the manager of the energy development and operation department of China Southern Power Grid, pointed out that the two parties will establish a cooperative relationship as soon as possible and combine the advantages of both parties to provide customers with excellent energy management services!

The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere.