Leaders of Guangdong Energy Conservation Association visited Jinlun Group for inspection and guidance

PubDate:2021-07-15Author:MarkSources:Jinlun GroupViews:416

On July 15, 2021, Chen Yanfang, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, Liao Biying, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Membership Department, and Engineer Xiong Liuyun, and his entourage visited Jinlun Group’s headquarters for inspection and guidance. Group Chairman Zhong Zhixin, Group Operations Manager Ma Shaoshuai received the leaders of the Provincial Energy Conservation Association.

The assistant to the chairman gave a detailed introduction to the leaders of the Provincial Energy Conservation Association about the organizational structure, company products, sales model and future plans of Jinlun Group. In the future, Jinjiao Group will develop comprehensively in the fields of ice storage industry, heat pump industry, swimming pool equipment industry, ice and snow industry, and ice hockey competitions.

The assistant to the chairman pointed out that joining the Provincial Energy Conservation Association hopes to be familiar with and make good use of relevant government support policies under the guidance of the association, actively apply for the storage of energy-saving technologies and other policy support projects, and continue to consolidate the foundation of the enterprise and integrate more High-quality resources continue to enhance the soft power and brand potential of Jinlun Group.

Vice President Chen and his party expressed their gratitude to Jinlun Group for its trust and support to the Provincial Energy Conservation Association. The "14th Five-Year Plan" coincides with the release of the "Double Carbon" goal and a major opportunity for the development of the "Double Ten" industry in our province. The company saves energy and reduces consumption. The demand for energy saving and environmental protection equipment will be more obvious, and the government will also provide policy encouragement and support to energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturers. Vice Chairman Chen's message Jinlun Group must seize this development opportunity and build Guangdong's advanced energy-saving manufacturing brand.

The two parties also actively discussed the energy-saving policy interpretation, Foshan Chancheng Energy-saving R&D Center (Industrial Park), Guangzhou Energy-saving Building (R&D Center), energy management company cooperation and other projects.

The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere.