Jinlun energy saving visited Guangdong energy saving Center


On the morning of May 13, Zhong Zhixin, assistant chairman of the group, and Ma Shaoshuai, operation manager of the group, visited Guangdong energy conservation center. The heads of project promotion department and training and Publicity Department of Guangdong energy conservation center met with the management of Jinlun group. Zhong Zhixin, assistant to the chairman of the group, explained in detail to the leaders of the provincial energy conservation center the ice storage air conditioning technology, heat pump technology and swimming pool five in one technology developed by Jinlun energy conservation, as well as the ice and snow plate and ice hockey plate of Jinlun group. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the application and promotion of products and technologies of Jinlun energy conservation.

Guangdong energy conservation center is the real-time supervision organization of energy utilization in Guangdong Province, which can supervise, inspect, train and assess relevant units, departments and organizations, and impose administrative penalties. Its main function is to cooperate with the administrative department of energy conservation to formulate energy conservation supervision plans, standards and regulations, and supervise and inspect the implementation; Entrusted by the administrative department of energy conservation, to supervise and inspect the energy utilization of key energy using units at the provincial level, commerce and society in accordance with the law; To accept the report, complaint, arbitration and punishment of energy utilization violation cases in the whole province; To provide professional guidance for the energy conservation supervision work of cities at all levels; Carry out publicity and science popularization of energy conservation.