Warmly Celebrate The Successful Signing Of Zhaoqing Dinghu District Project Of Jinlun Group

PubDate:2021-04-28Author:Jinlun GroupSources:Views:1699

       At 9:00 a.m. on April 27, the innovation and entrepreneurship Science Park in Dinghu District of Zhaoqing was full of people. According to the deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and according to the spirit and requirements of the notice issued by the office of Zhaoqing Investment Promotion Committee on printing and distributing the implementation plan for the centralized signing, commencement and completion ceremony of industrial projects in Zhaoqing in 2021, Dinghu District of Zhaoqing held the centralized signing, commencement and completion ceremony of industrial projects in April 2021 At the completion and opening ceremony of the innovation and entrepreneurship Science Park, our company, Jinlun (Dinghu) international air energy technology project, was invited to attend and signed the contract as the main representative project. The chairman of Jinlun group, Hong Qinghui, together with the Group executives, attended the ceremony and received an exclusive interview with Zhaoqing mainstream media.

       The international air energy technology project of Zhaoqing Dinghu District of Jinlun group covers an area of 35 mu, with a construction area of 65000 m2. It is estimated that the total investment is 150 million yuan, the annual contribution of tax is 16 million yuan, and 1200 local jobs are solved. This project is the whole machine production, the factory parts are supplied by various supporting factories, and there is no pollution source.

       Jinlun group is a pioneer of green energy saving, a practitioner of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and a national high-tech enterprise for 12 consecutive years. At present, Jinlun group's products are: cold, hot, dry, ice, snow, wet and other six major series of more than 100 varieties, in the commercial heat pump, refrigeration, heating, agricultural drying has a wide range of application prospects, the market scale is more than 100 billion level.