Leaders Of Yuetang Investment Promotion Bureau Of Xiangtan City Visit Jinlun Group


On the afternoon of April 21, 021, the leaders of Hunan Xiangtan Yuetang Investment Promotion Bureau visited Jinlun group for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Hong Qinghui, chairman of Jinlun group, he De Dekang, general manager of Jinlun group and Zhong Zhixin, assistant chairman of Jinlun group.


The two sides have carried out in-depth discussions on the existing advantages and industries that can be invested in the future of Yuetang in Xiangtan, and preliminarily clarified the direction of future cooperation between the two sides. "Jinlun will strive to build a commercial and cultural tourism industry integrating events, entertainment and training with the group's six major sectors, namely, cold, hot, ice, snow, drying and wet, and combining with Yuetang's own advantages", To add bricks to local entertainment industry, and create a better Yuetang!

Yuetang Economic Development Zone of Xiangtan is composed of the combination of the original Zhaoshan demonstration zone and the original Yuetang economic development zone. Founded in June, 2009, the former Zhaoshan demonstration zone is one of the five demonstration zones of ecological green heart of Changzhutan Urban Group and comprehensive reform and test of two types of social construction in the Province, with a total area of 70.3 square kilometers. The former Yuetang economic development zone was established in July 2013. It is the only provincial Development Zone with modern commerce and logistics industry as the leading industry in the province, with a total area of 33.36 square kilometers. The combined Yuetang Economic Development Zone covers a total area of 103.66 square kilometers. Function orientation Yuetang Economic Development Zone of Xiangtan is positioned as "the important ecological characteristic function zone of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration - public living room of three cities, green heart Central Park and low carbon economy demonstration zone of central region", which is rated as national cultural industry demonstration park and national excellent logistics park; The industry is positioned as modern service industries such as eco-tourism, cultural creativity, health preservation, modern business logistics and headquarters economy. Ecological green heart Yuetang economic development zone is the core area of green heart in the true sense, with superior ecology and beautiful scenery. The forest coverage rate is nearly 60%. The content of negative oxygen ions in the zone is the highest in Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, known as the "public living room" and natural "oxygen bar" of the three cities of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan. Zhaoshan in Yuetang Economic Development Zone, a famous cultural mountain, is one of the famous eight sceneries of Xiaoxiang. Zhaoshan ancient temple was built in the prosperous Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than a thousand years. The development of highland Yuetang Economic Development Zone integrates leading industries such as health preservation, cultural tourism, business logistics and headquarters economy, adheres to the development path of industry city integration and green rise, and basically completes the infrastructure construction according to the idea of "high-end planning leading, strategic project driving, infrastructure first and public supporting synchronization".