Leaders of Dinghu District of Zhaoqing City visit Jinlun group for investigation and guidance

PubDate:2021-03-26Author:Jinlun GroupSources:Views:8716

At 3 p.m. on March 25, Mr. Liu, head of Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Mr. Wang, director of the district key office, and Mr. Zhao, director of China Merchants Bureau, visited our company for investigation and guidance.

Hong Qinghui, chairman of the group, he Dekang, general manager of the group, Wang Yuhong, general manager of ice & snow company of the group, and Zhong Zhixin, assistant chairman of the group, accompanied the inspection.

Chairman Hong Qinghui introduced in detail the 20-year development history, technology accumulation and brand precipitation of Jinlun group. In the 20-year enterprise development process, Jinlun group has formed four major sectors, namely Jinlun energy saving, ice and snow operation, competition operation and industrial real estate, with four-wheel drive. Jinlun group is committed to becoming a world-class energy-saving equipment provider, a first-class ice and snow sports operator and a first-class ice hockey event service provider. At present, the group's products are: cold, hot, dry, ice, snow, wet and other six series, more than 100 varieties, is the layout of ice and snow business, plans to open 1000 ice and snow parks nationwide.

In the future, with talents at all levels as the core, technological innovation as the basis and ice and snow business as the platform, Jinlun group will form an ecological enterprise group with R & D, production and commercial application as the closed loop.

After a detailed understanding of the development plan of Jinlun group, district head Liu warmly invited Jinlun group to invest in Dinghu District of Zhaoqing City, and designated Director Wang of the district key office and director Zhao of the District Investment Promotion Bureau on the spot to take charge of the implementation.

The talks ended in a peaceful and happy atmosphere.