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On March 12, 2018, HC Network 2018 HVAC and Comfort Home National Tour Products co-sponsored by HC Heating Network, HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network, HC Heat Pump Network, HC New Air Network, HC Air Net, 51 Factory Batch Network The fourth session of the technical exchange meeting was held in Tianjin. At the event site, Dr. Hong Qinghui from Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. brought the technology sharing of air low temperature heating and heating.

2018 HVAC and comfortable home national tour product technology exchange meeting into Tianjin

Dr. Hong Qinghui introduced in the speech that as one of the R&D and manufacturing enterprises of China's air source and water source heat pump hot water unit, Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is a technology-based production enterprise. In order to adapt to the globalization development strategy, the company invested 50 million yuan to build a garden-style industrial park in 2008. The industrial park has a modern and advanced all-weather environmental simulation experiment center, CNC mold development center and injection molding center to realize rapid development from drawings to products. change.

At present, the company has 50 employees and 8 technicians, including 5 senior titles. At the same time, it employs 3 senior experts in heat pump and cold storage air conditioning industry in China. The R&D strength is obvious to all. It is in the forefront of cloud energy-saving technology and independent research and development. Innovative work has achieved many scientific and technological achievements with advanced domestic level, and has become an off-campus production and research base for universities in South China University of Technology, Guangzhou University, Guangdong Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


Dr. Hong Qinghui, Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd.


Dr. Hong Qinghui and the on-site business to do technical analysis


Merchants pick up dry goods

With the development of the air source heat pump industry, the market capacity has increased simultaneously, whether it is the stability of product quality, the reliability of product performance, the innovation of technology, or the market awareness, there has been a great improvement. At the event site, Dr. Hong Qinghui discussed the issues of gas and air energy heating, high-quality heat source and heating heat source, temperature and refrigerant selection at the evaporation end, maturity of CO2 and R410A, and comparison between frequency conversion and fixed frequency.

Different from single source, easy to cut off gas, and polluted gas, air energy is a national policy support product. It has a wide range of electricity sources and has the advantages of safety, energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, the air can supply 35 degrees of heating and low-grade hot water is energy-efficient and suitable. At the same time, Dr. Hong Qinghui analyzed the temperature and refrigerant selection at the evaporation end. He pointed out that in areas with a minimum temperature of -20 degrees to -30 degrees in North China and Northeast China, the R410A frequency conversion machine can be used, and the vaporization temperature of R410A is -50 degrees. The R410A has been commercially available for 20 years and is very mature. The fixed frequency technology is also mature and harmless to the human body. The R410A inverter can make the entire heating system more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Since its establishment, Jin Hao Ming Di has always insisted on development and thinking, and constantly enhances brand competitiveness. The speech is coming to an end. Dr. Hong Qinghui pointed out that Jin Yuming will continue to use R410A as the main development and promotion direction (sales generation), full DC frequency conversion as a reserve product (reserve one generation), and expect CO2 to move into a mature industrial chain (R&D generation). The company adheres to product quality, takes the road of product innovation, and is committed to making Meeting Mingdi heat pump the mainstream manufacturer of coal-to-electric heating heat pump.


After seventeen years of grinding a sword, Jin Hao step by step, launched a series of activities in channel development, product innovation, terminal operation, brand promotion, and explored in the corporate culture, management model, etc., "hard power", "soft power" "I will improve together." Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to break through and innovate, and aim to provide customers with better products and more intimate services, and contribute to the development of the air energy heat pump market.