Beautiful Women's Day, meet in March day

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March 8 Goddess Festival, the most beautiful blessing for "She"


Yangchun March, all things recoverMo Shanghua, Yingge Yan DanceMarchIt’s the season when women start stretching.


In the special day of "March 8"For the swaying goddessesSend the most beautiful blessings of Jin Min Ming DiLet love always warm you and me

Send mom -Years are always inadvertentDyed the mother's hornsDon’t let the child want to raise and be absentEmpty regrets in my heart


Send a lover -For you, she no longer has a girl's dayNo longer care about body and faceChai rice oil salt, one heart for homePlease cherish her who is no longer young and beautiful.


Send a girlfriend -Give a good girlfriend with youhappiness isAlthough there is no boyfriendThere will be cuteThe unruly girlfriend is with youThanks her for being with you.Crazy laughter, crying over

Give the goddess in your heart -Don't let all the good things go deep into your heart.Doing something wrong is nothing short of sadnessMissing is a regret foreverDon't blame these three words: "I love you"


March Women's SeasonKim Min-ming wishes all women to be safe and happySmile like a flower