Today's Lantern Festival, I hope the people of the full moon will reunite!

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Today's Lantern Festival, I hope the people of the full moon will reunite!

On the fifteenth day of the first month, the Lantern Festival.

                                                                                                                   Spend a good month and reunite!


Lunar New Year's Eve 15 Chinese Lantern FestivalIt is the first important festival after the Spring Festival.

Yuan is the head, it is the night, the meaning of all night longThis is the first full moon night in the Lunar New Year.So called the "Yuan Lan Festival"


Lantern Festival, also known as "Light Festival"The custom of viewing lanterns began in the Eastern Han DynastyLights symbolize hopeThe first month of the fifteenth, the moon is emptyFlower viewing, guessing riddleRepresenting people’s optimism about life and expectations for the future


Lantern FestivalIt is also a romantic one in Chinese traditional festivals.Chinese valentine's day"Ancient unmarried girls usually do not leave homeOnly the day and night are made an exception to allow the companion to go outPassionate men and women in the romantic night of "flower market lights"Spark the spark of loveCreated a myriad of beautiful


On the moon, the willows, the people are about after dusk.

——Ouyang Xiu, “Shengchazi·Yuanxi”

The moonlight lamp is full of emperors, and the car is covered with treasure.

- Li Shangyin's "Poetry"

Who can see the moon and sit down, where does it look like a light.

- Cui Li "Shang Yuanye"

There are lights without moons, no entertainment, and no lights for months are not spring.

Spring is like a jade in the human world, and the lamp burns like a silver next month.

- Tang Yan, "Yuan Lan"

Looking for him in the crowd, he looked back

The man is there, the lights are dim.

- Xin Qiji, "Sapphire Case, Yuan Xi"


Said "the moon of the fifteenth round"But this year’s Lantern Festival is the same as last year.Still "the fifteenth moon and fifteen rounds"The most round moment of the moon isMarch 2 at 8:51 am


This year's Lantern Festival, Kim Min-ming di with you to enjoy the moon!