Method for extending the life of a screw chiller

PubDate:2017-12-01Author:Jinlun CompanySources:Mingdi heat pumpViews:761

The chiller meets the demand of many enterprises for refrigeration. The chillers are divided into screw chillers and scroll chillers. Under normal circumstances, the cooling capacity is more than 150 KW. Both are screw chillers. The unit is compact and works. High efficiency and easy operation. Most companies must consider the operation and life expectancy when purchasing chillers. The daily operation and life expectancy are indispensable for regular daily maintenance and inspection. The coldest bacteria below will introduce you to the specific steps to extend the life of the screw chiller.

First, do a good job of cleaning

First of all, we must formulate rules and regulations for the cleaning and maintenance of screw chillers. Every year, we must clean the evaporators, condensers, pipes, filters, cooling towers, etc. of the unit to avoid scaling of impurities in the water. Affect the normal operation of the chiller.

The cleaning process of the screw chiller is as follows: first, the cleaning agent is injected into the liquid tank, then the pump is started, the operation is started, and the cleaning is started. When cleaning, perform multiple operations in the forward and reverse directions until the cleaning agent is not acidic. For mild pollution, just cycle for about 1 hour. For serious pollution, it takes 3-4 hours. If it is cleaned for a long time, the cleaning agent is dirty, and the filter is also clogged and dirty. This should be done after replacing the cleaning agent and drying the filter. After the system is cleaned and washed, the cleaning agent is dirty, the filter is also clogged and the cleaning agent in the reservoir is recovered from the liquid pipe.

After the cleaning is completed, the refrigeration pipeline should be subjected to nitrogen blowing and drying treatment, and then the fluorine is charged to carry out commissioning work to ensure the normal operation of the chiller.

Second, replace the compressor lubricant

The main function of lubricating oil to the compressor is lubrication, cooling and capacity adjustment. It is recommended to check the cleanliness of the lubricating oil every 3,000 hours of operation of the chiller. The lubricating oil should be replaced every 6000 hours or every 1 year of operation. When changing the lubricant, the quality certified oil should be used.

Third, other matters needing attention

The operator should always pay attention to the use of the unit. If the chiller has abnormal sound or malfunction, it must be shut down in time to prevent the unit from being damaged twice. And according to the fault prompt in the chiller control panel to troubleshoot, when the fault has not been eliminated, remember not to start the chiller. If you encounter a fault that cannot be eliminated by yourself, please contact the chiller company in time for after-sales processing.