The first air source heat pump grain dryer in North Jiangsu was put into operation

PubDate:2017-11-28Author:JinlunCompanySources:China Heat Pump Industry AllianceViews:754

According to the Lianyungang Daily reported on November 23, a dryer with “special” technology is operating at full capacity in the Laozhuang Agricultural Machinery Cooperative of Pingming Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The dryer adopts air source heat pump grain electric drying technology, which is the second project in the province and the first land-based grain drying electric energy replacement project in northern Jiangsu. It is estimated that the cost of drying one kilogram of rice in this new drying system is 3.6 cents, which is 2.4 cents less than the original coal-fired drying system. This has a good demonstration significance in the city.

“The existing grain dryers use coal, diesel, straw, etc. as fuel, and the environmental pollution is heavier. The air source heat pump grain electric drying technology can reduce air pollution emissions.” Liu Shouyin, head of the Laozhuang Agricultural Machinery Cooperative of Pingming Town, said . In his view, the grain drying and clean-up transformation has become an irreversible trend, and the cooperatives simply went to the first ‘eat crab’ to carry out the grain drying electric energy replacement transformation. Although some funds have been invested in the past, the equipment operation is safer, the degree of automation is also significantly improved, and the grain drying quality is also stable. It is expected that the cost will be recovered in the next three years.

In order to encourage more grain drying enterprises to join the electric energy alternative transformation, the power supply department of Donghai County has issued a work plan to provide free access to the project for the replacement of grain drying electric energy, and the packaging capacity is released to 160 kilowatts, enjoying the preferential price of agricultural production. , that is, 1 to 10 kV is 0.499 yuan / kWh, less than 1 kV is 0.509 yuan / kWh and other preferential policies. In addition, the county agricultural machinery management department also implemented the purchase subsidy for the air source heat pump hot blast stove supporting the grain dryer, that is, the rated power is greater than or equal to 30kw, and the heating capacity is greater than 100kw, each subsidy is 16,000 yuan.

According to reports, coal-fired drying equipment was included in the “263” action “strengthening loose coal management” in the province this year, and users are faced with the difficulty of cleaning or shutting down equipment. The use of air source heat pump grain electric drying technology can not only increase efficiency and reduce costs for users, but also protect the environment. Taking the air source heat pump put into operation by the Laozhuang Agricultural Machinery Cooperative as an example, according to the calculation of rice with a water content of 30%, the cost per kilogram of rice per raw coal burning method is 6 cents, which is replaced by electric energy. The cost of a pound of rice is only 3.6 cents.

Compared with coal, electricity consumption costs are reduced by nearly one-half. Previously, each coal-fired boiler burned about 20 tons of coal per year. The pollutants released mainly include about 520 kilograms of carbon dioxide, about 170 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, and about 150 kilograms of nitrogen oxides. After the transformation, air pollution emissions will be greatly reduced.