Maintenance and maintenance of air energy hot water equipment

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1. What should I pay attention to before using the air energy heat pump unit?

1. Check the piping system:

Check that the valves in the system are all open.

The drain must be checked before the unit is running. If the drain is clogged, foreign matter must be removed so that the condensate is drained.

2. Check the power distribution system:

Check if the power supply voltage is normal, check whether the screws of each power distribution part are loose, and whether the line is distributed according to the power distribution circuit diagram, and check whether the bottom line is connected.

Check the hot water unit: Check whether all the fastening screws and mechanical parts of the hot water unit are loose. Check whether the communication indicator on the control panel is normal and the pressure gauge is normal after power-on.

3, in addition to pay special attention to:

Each time the air energy heat pump unit power switch is turned on for 12 hours, it can start running. In addition, do not turn off the power when you need to stop for a short period of time around a day or night (this is to heat the electric shaft heater to avoid forced start of the compressor).

Be careful not to block the air inlet and outlet of the air heat pump unit. Failure to do so may result in reduced unit performance or failure to activate the protective device.

Second, what should be paid attention to during the commissioning and operation of the air energy heat pump unit?

Observe whether the water temperature is normal (the water temperature is basically consistent with the displayed temperature).

After the compressor is started, the unit is judged to be audible and the system pressure is normal.

The parameters of the remote controller are set to the default values at the factory, and users should carefully adjust them if they need to adjust them themselves.

The engineering machine also needs to check whether the circulating water flow is satisfied according to the value of the “parameter table” (see the instruction manual for details).

Third, daily maintenance matters

1. The main power supply needs to be normal for 24 hours, so it is necessary to check the main power leakage switch monthly.

2. Pay attention to whether the microcomputer control instrument display is normal. The temperature difference controller generally has an upper limit of 7 ° C and a lower limit of 3 ° C. The working time and temperature of the air main engine should be adjusted according to actual needs.

3. If the air energy heat pump host control panel displays the fault code or buzzer alarm sound, please record the fault code number and refer to the manual for troubleshooting.

4. The Y-type filter is cleaned regularly. The waterproof cover of the pump effectively protects the rainwater from getting wet, and manually switches to the pump to get stuck.

5. The air energy hot water equipment area is far away from the frequent activities of people to avoid noise or accidents.

6, air energy water heater refrigerant charging and recycling (household type)

When the domestic hot water unit needs to increase or recycle the refrigerant, the specific operation is as follows:

1) Air energy water heater refrigerant charging

2) According to the “empty” operation procedure, connect the low-pressure valve service joint of the outdoor unit to the cold coal tank through the rubber hose with a composite pressure gauge, and evacuate the air inside the tube.

3) The hot water unit is operated in the “cooling” state (that is, the cooling water, the compressor, the external fan, and the four-way valve), and the refrigerant tank valve is opened for charging. When the low pressure gauge of the composite pressure gauge is displayed at about 0.5 Mpa. The composite pressure gauge and refrigerant tank valve can be closed.

(Note: Before switching back to normal “heating” mode, the hose of the composite pressure gauge needs to be removed from the low pressure valve service fitting to avoid high pressure filling the low pressure gauge.)

4) Air energy water heater refrigerant recovery. First of all, pay attention to the operation of the air energy hot water unit in the "cooling" state (that is, the cooling water, compressor, external fan, four-way valve work); secondly, use the hex wrench to first close the high pressure valve of the outdoor unit, about 15s Left and right (when the sound of the compressor becomes dull) immediately close the low pressure valve. 7. The central air energy water heater is filled with refrigerant. In the main engine, the needle valve on the compressor return pipe position (low pressure pipe) can be used for charging the refrigerant.

Fourth, the unit's regular inspection and cleaning

What should the professional teacher check regularly?

1. First of all, it should be checked frequently whether the wiring of the power supply and electrical system of the air energy water heater unit is firm, and whether the electrical components have abnormal operation, and should be handled and replaced in time.

2. Secondly, it should be checked frequently whether the water supply, water tank safety valve, liquid level controller and exhaust device of the air energy water heater water system are working properly, so as to prevent the air from entering the system and reducing the water circulation, thus affecting the heating capacity of the unit and the operation of the unit. reliability. At the same time, it is not negligible to check whether the water pump and the waterway valve are working properly, and whether the water pipe and the water pipe joint leak.

3. Third, it is necessary to check the working condition of each component of the air energy water heater unit frequently, check whether the pipeline joints and the inflation valve in the machine have oil pollution, and ensure that the refrigerant of the unit is not leaked. When the actual water outlet temperature of the air source heat pump water heater is inconsistent with the display value of the unit control panel, it can be detected whether the temperature sensing device is in good contact. This often checks the product to ensure that it works efficiently and effectively, and it can greatly extend the service life of the product.

What should I do to clean and descale the air energy heat pump unit?

After long-term operation of the air energy heat pump hot water unit, calcium oxide or other minerals will be deposited on the heat transfer surface of the water side heat exchanger. When these materials have more fouling on the heat transfer surface, the heat transfer performance will be affected and the power consumption will increase. The gas pressure is too high (or the suction pressure is too low). In addition, the air heat pump unit will also be corroded.

As for the corrosion problem, the simple solution is to change the material composition of the pipe and heat exchanger surface. The problem of scaling, there are physical descaling and chemical descaling, the following analysis of air source heat pump descaling several common methods.

1, pickling and descaling

Due to the special nature of the water supply object, the water supply cannot be interrupted during pickling, and the low-temperature uninterrupted pickling is not performed like the boiler hot water. Therefore, this method is not feasible.

2, softened water descaling

The descaling effect of softened water is remarkable, and it is generally applied to hospital reverse osmosis pure water system and central air conditioning circulating cooling water which have high requirements on water quality and water supply continuity. The disadvantage is that the equipment needs to be added, and the salt is added regularly, which increases the complexity of the operation and the maintenance cost is high. This method is not very practical.

3, high frequency electronic descaling instrument descaling

This method requires cutting the pipe during installation, and the electrode easily adheres to the suspended matter in the water to cause system failure. The installation is cumbersome and the amount of engineering is large. Now there is a new anti-scaling product quantum ring, which uses its generated frequency and the natural frequency of mineral ions in the water to resonate and precipitate it in advance. The anti-scaling and anti-scaling effect is good, but the use of special materials and production technology is quite expensive. It is difficult for general users to accept.

4, permanent magnet equipment descaling

The appearance is a ring-shaped magnet, which is then placed on a straight pipe, and the water passing through the pipe is treated by the magnetic field of the pipe. It is mostly used in places with large pipelines. Because of its fixed magnetic field frequency and strength, it has a narrow water quality range and performs better under certain water quality conditions. However, it may not be effective after changing the water quality. So it is an unreliable product.

5, adding scale inhibitor

Scale inhibitors can not guarantee the side effects of the human body, and need to add professional dosing equipment, which has damage to the water pressure of the pipeline. At the same time, it is necessary to be responsible for the addition of drugs each time, which increases the cost, so it is not widely used.

6, electronic sensor water processor

The principle is to generate an induced electromagnetic field whose frequency intensity changes according to a certain rule in the water through the host. The electromagnetic field combines the scale ions in the water into a large number of aragonite crystal nucleus. When the mineral content in the water exceeds the saturated solubility of water, the scale ions will precipitate and preferentially grow on these crystal nucleuses to form aragonite crystals, replacing The precipitation of calcite crystals, while the aragonite crystals are soft and flocculated, and are easily washed away by water. This method is simple to install, no need to cut and punch, no need to replace the electrode and maintenance, and the power consumption is very small, which is a perfect solution. However, due to different opinions of manufacturers, the application is limited.

Pay attention to the following aspects during cleaning and descaling:

1. Clean water side heat exchangers must be carried out by professionals.

2. After using the cleaning agent, clean the water pipe and heat exchanger with clean water, and carry out water treatment to prevent the water system from being corroded or cleaned after the water system is re-adsorbed.

3. In the case of using a cleaning agent, adjust the concentration, cleaning time and temperature of the cleaning agent according to the deposition of the dirt.

4. After the cleaning with acid pickling is completed, the waste liquid should be neutralized, and the treated waste liquid should be contacted with the relevant company for waste liquid treatment.

5. Cleaning agents and neutralizing agents have corrosive effects on eyes, skin, nasal mucosa, etc. Therefore, protective devices (such as protective glasses, protective gloves, protective masks, protective shoes, etc.) must be used during the cleaning process to prevent inhalation or contact with the medicament. .

Five, another eight issues that need attention

1, 3 minutes protection

Immediately after the operation stops, the manual switch is turned on or the manual switch is turned on. The unit cannot be operated within 3 minutes, which is self-protection of the compressor.

2. Low wind speed operation under high temperature conditions

During operation, if the ambient temperature is high, the unit's air supply motor may operate in a low windshield.

3, automatic defrost

In the case of heating operation, when the unit has frost formation, the defrosting operation (about 2-10 minutes) is automatically performed to improve the heating effect. During the defrosting operation, the unit's air supply motor stops running.

4, the operating conditions of the hot water machine

In order to use the hot water machine correctly, please operate it at an outdoor ambient temperature of -7 to 43 degrees. There are precision electronic components inside the unit, and it is strictly forbidden to use lake water, river water and untreated groundwater.

5, about power outages

If there is a power outage during operation, all runs are stopped. After the power failure, the unit will automatically detect the water level of the water tank and the water temperature of the water tank, and automatically turn on the unit or standby, without manual start. In the event of malfunction due to lightning or car radio, please turn off the manual power switch, then turn it on again and press the run/stop button again.

6. About heating capacity and water production

Since the hot water supply is a heat pump method that absorbs heat from the outside and emits heat in the heat exchanger, once the outdoor temperature is lowered, the heating capacity and the water production amount are lowered.

7, on the leakage current action protector

The unit itself has a leakage protection switch, but the installation also requires the user to install a leakage protection switch between the power supply and the unit. Therefore, when there is no power failure, but the unit can not run, please check the two leakage protection switches. When operating the protection switch inside the unit, first confirm that the switch installed by the user outside the unit is in the off state.

After the leakage current action protector on the electric control box runs for a period of time (usually one month), it is necessary to shake the test button in the closed energized state to check whether the performance of the leakage current action protector is normal and reliable (per press test button, leakage current) The protector should be disconnected once; when it is abnormal, the cause of the accident is not found after the inspection, and the test is allowed to be sent once; if it is not working, the cause should be found out, and if necessary, the action characteristic test should be carried out. The leakage current action protector itself is faulty and should be replaced or repaired in time.

8, on the power-down memory function

When the hot water unit or the line controller is powered off before each time, the line controller automatically remembers the on/off state of the unit. After the power is turned back on, the line controller will send the hot water unit to the hot water unit according to the state of memory before the power failure. / Shutdown signal to ensure that after the unit is restored after abnormal power failure, the unit can still operate according to the original setting of the user.